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in which I confide in you that my workweek has sucked

I felt pretty confident that, bolstered by the chill-out of the three-day weekend, I could handle whatever came next. After all, the MSG and I had spent most of the weekend sequestered inside his house, making and eating marvelous food, chatting, seeing movies, snuggling, and playing “Star Wars: Galaxies” – on which I am now totally hooked, thanks to him. I have a female wookiee character who breakdances and is training to be a martial artist. How cool is that? I love that Jedi are so rare in the game. The MSG actually saw one wielding a light saber a few weeks ago and told me all about it and I just started bouncing in excitement. Wanna see!

And so, Monday evening, after a lovely meal of take-out from Eliza’s, the MSG and I sat outside and had a smoke. I explained to him that this week, being the first week of the semester, was going to be really rough for me, especially down one employee. I also explained that he shouldn’t take my lack of communication as anything more than me being too busy and/or exhausted to keep up with email, IMs, phone calls. He understood, commiserated, and gave me a huge, warm hug before I went home.

… I could not even imagine what was in store for me. This has truly been the week from hell. What hasn’t exploded at work shows signs of doing so at any moment. I’m supposed to find time to schedule interviews with potential employees while doing two 40+ hour a week jobs. And somehow manage new projects that always seem to come my way, no matter how many times I insist that I Have No More Time, In Fact, I Have Less Time; Please Do The Math.

On top of work foo, the hot water heater in the house I live in had to be replaced, as well as some integral part of the ventilation system. This wouldn’t be a big deal or affect me in any way except that the access to the crawlspace is through my unit. If that crawlspace door is opened, Zen immediately leaps into it, and she could be gone underneath the house for hours. (It’s happened before.) Also regarding Zen, she doesn’t let anyone else pick her up and put her places, like for example the bathroom, which is where I have to lock her when access to the crawlspace is needed. You might think, “O, she’d let someone if you just picked her up quickly and tossed her in the bathroom,” but my answer to that is: “only if you want to get your throat ripped out.” I have tried to explain this to my landlady but I don’t think she gets it. My cat really doesn’t like other people touching her unless it’s on her own terms. And while some people might view pets as mere accessories to their own shiny lives, I don’t. I’m not going to put my cat through unnecessary trauma by saying to a practical stranger, “Sure, go ahead, do whatever you want with her.” It is simply not going to happen. The few times I’ve left Zen in a kennel, I’ve thoroughly interviewed the proprietors first. (Yes, I’m THAT kind of cat lady.)

All this boils down to me having to be there to put Zen away when someone needs access to the crawlspace, so I rushed home from work last night to do just that, instead of doing the fifty other errands I had to accomplish, and the ventilation guy never showed due to some miscommunication with my landlady. That means I have to go home today at lunchtime and sit around and hope he comes, because I work all day Saturday and I’m not changing my Sunday plans for anyone. I deserve a weekend too, dammit.

Especially since I show serious signs of losing my mind at work. I’ve been harassing the frosh horribly. One frosh came in and asked to make copies. I said, “Hold on a moment,” then ran and grabbed a piece of white paper and a black pen and returned, looking expectantly at her while saying, “Okay, go.” She just stared at me in horror. I explained patiently, “Our copier is broken, but I have really nice printing.” Gingerly, she removed a 50-page document from her backpack. I lost it at that point, of course. She didn’t find it so amusing.

Something saved my week, though. Yesterday, the MSG emailed me to ask if I had anywhere he could drop a 31Mb archive that he thought I’d like. I was befuddled but directed him to my iDisk. When I finally got it downloaded and unzipped, I discovered 50 screenshots. Of the MSG’s “Star Wars: Galaxies” character. Dueling. A Jedi. With a light saber.

And if you are wondering what’s so swoonworthy about that gesture, I can’t help you out.

Happy Friday, everyone. May your metaphorical light saber leave sparkly trails of goodness as it slays your workweek.

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