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I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I don’t cut shallots into teeny tiny translucent slices with a ceramic knife, drive to and from Santa Rosa IN THE RAIN, or meet both sets of parental units for just anyone.

Let alone all three within the space of two days.

I have to say, meeting the parents was the least painful part of the process. It was actually – dare I say it – fun! The shallots, though. Those were a bitch. Good thing the truffled potatoes and celery root au gratin (none other than fontina for the gratin part) ruled. And we won’t even mention the driving.

Even though the gifts I’ve ordered a certain person have been held hostage by the cruel, cruel USPS, he insisted I open his to me on Christmas Eve. So I did. It is a gorgeous chess set, the most unique and beautiful I’ve ever seen, with stainless steel pieces on a wooden board. We started a game that night, after a few glasses of wine, then went to bed, so you might imagine the endgame yesterday: lots of confused chuckling, several exclamations of, “what was I doing there?” along with a truly painful checkmate.

I don’t let just anyone beat me at chess, either.

I think it’s time for me to distract this someone from “Star Wars: Galaxies”. Happy holidays, everyone.

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