thursday is the new friday

I owe (funny concept, that) you all my recap of the event in Tucson last weekend, but it’s nearly the weekly Hour of Happiness, which I cannot miss. After that, I am driving into the City to see “Shattered Glass” with Brina, David, and the MSG. Soon I shall catch everything up, but not now.

Highlights of this week:

  • losing my martini virginity alongside a wonderful French dish involving lamb, oranges, bacon, and a bajillion other nummy things
  • seeing a slightly disturbing French film called “Seul contre tous”
  • eradicating Zen of the fleas that hatched while I was away, thanks to Brina’s help
  • conducting part of the student assistant training session because both employees who were supposed to hold the training had to rush around fixing the universe
  • missing the open mic because of aforementioned training session
  • watching with somber triumph as protesters in Britain topple an effigy of Dubya
  • slacking off on my novel but kicking much ass on my short story
  • catching up on sleep, sort of, except for the whole waking up coughing thing, which means not really
Despite having to come in to work on Saturday, the weekend promises to be a good one. The purple hippo and I are informally starting it in about five minutes.

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