sunday suck-all

Okay, okay, so I’m not great at remembering to post the Friday Fuck-All. Many people have reminded me this week, and I apologize. To make amends, here’s the Sunday Suck-All. The theme today is pettiness. Feel free to be REALLY petty here, since, well, it’s just a dorky list meme. Enjoy!

  1. Name something petty you look for in a mate. (Example: Can steer a car with his or her knees. Now you know mine. teehee.)
  2. Name something petty you have picked a fight over. (Bonus points if you’ve picked the fight with a total stranger. Extra bonus points if that total stranger was also wielding a weapon of some kind. Totally insanely crazy bonus points if you were not similarly armed.)
  3. Name something petty you want to change in the world. (Example: Nutella should be a standard condiment, like ketchup and mustard, at all restaurants.)
  4. Name something petty you want to change in yourself. (Example: Genes gave me thick ankles. I’d like little petite ankles, please.)
  5. Name something petty you want to change about someone you know. You are allowed to keep his/her identity secret. (You’re on your own with this one. I just post the questions. neener-neener.)

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