thank you for not sucking

(… and thank you to Jason, for saying that to me.)

The poetry reading went so well. I’m still dazed from it, although I expect to get to sleep very soon since I’ve exhausted myself from all the adrenaline.

The best part of the night was the fact that my friends came to see me. I knew that Brina, David, Jason and Ityllux were planning on showing, and they all did, which made me so happy. But I was completely and wonderfully surprised by Heath in fancy duds sitting down next to me with a cup of coffee and just grinning at the shocked look on my face. (He drove all the way up from the Santa Cruz mountains without telling me he was even thinking of coming!)

I read a lot of stuff. I decided to start off playing the mp3 of “Grow Together” for myriad reasons, one of them being that I didn’t want to worry about setting up my PowerBook with the speakers in the middle of anything. I have no idea how that was received, but I think it sounded good. The rest of the pieces went well. My legs did not shake and my voice barely wavered.

Every time I got worried or too wrapped up in what I was reading, I just looked out at the audience and saw my friends and felt so happy and supported. I think the rest of the audience enjoyed themselves, too, because several people came up to me afterwards and mentioned that they liked what I read. I also got to meet Mother Divine, whom I’ve heard on the radio several times. A conversation I had with one of the poets disappointed me slightly, since he referred to my pieces as “self-referential yet good”, as if self-referential poetry was a bad thing. But that’s just his opinion, and now that I’ve written about it here, I am going to let it go.

Brina, David and Jason had to leave shortly after I read, but Ityllux, Heath and I stayed for the rest of the open-mic and then wandered around looking for food in San Rafael after 22:00. Nothing was open, so we headed south to Denny’s and had a fucking hilarious time. My head and stomach hurt from laughing so much. I love that after the waiter told us that they had no biscuits but they had gravy, Ityllux ordered a raspberry iced tea “… and gravy” with a totally straight face. I love that Heath regaled us with bizarre happenings in his life, and that I learned not only what buttes are but fjords too. (Damned geology geeks.) Not even the Cubs’ loss could have dampened my spirits tonight; anyway, there’s always next year.

I am going to treasure the memory of this night for the rest of my life. It was utterly exquisite in every way. Thank you to everyone who listened to me obsess over this for the past week, everyone who gave me their heartfelt wishes for success (they worked), everyone who showed up (you rule), and to everyone who couldn’t be there in person but wanted to … you were there in spirit. Thank you.

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