love you more than you can see

Congratulations to my mom, a/k/a/ , who won an After Dark Award for Outstanding Performance tonight. She said she thanked me in her acceptance speech, saying: “… my daughter, Halsted, for always believing that I would someday make something of myself.”

Here is the review from the Gay Chicago website:

“Finding genuine affection for her role and allowing the audience to view the central characters in David Hauptschein’s story as intrinsically good if deeply flawed individuals was the fabulous Ms. Mencotti. In her pivotal performance, she was documentary authentic, a walking testament to your craziest, funniest, saddest aunt. Each moment was an exercise in maternal forgiveness as Ms. Mencotti found in Irma the capacity to render her family utterly blameless even as they erred before her eyes.”
Mooms, you make something of yourself every single day. I am so proud of you, and you inspire me. I only hope someday you realize that you deserve all the recognition and respect you have worked your whole life to achieve.

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