if they take my stapler, then i’ll set the building on fire

This is the day … that nev-er ends …

I got to work at 07:30 and stayed until 14:00, then went home, fell asleep, woke up, went on the Eternal Search for the Right Kind of Cat Litter, actually procured the Right Kind of Cat Litter, picked up some yarn for my next crochet project, got food from Taco Hell, and came back to work at 20:00 for the closing stretch.

I miss my employees’ health.

Brina and her mommy came by today and brought me lunch in the form of one of the best ham sammiches I’ve ever had. They rule.

This workday wouldn’t suck so hard if all the movie showtimes weren’t right BEFORE Library closing time. Maybe I’ll just have to go home and watch a DVD. “Office Space” comes to mind.

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