tonga delight

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends who made it to the party I threw at the Tonga Room tonight. It was terribly expensive and parking was a bitch, and still you made it. I adore you all.

Those who couldn’t make it were missed! It was definitely an experience. I loved seeing the wonderful Heath and Meredith, cutest and her darling boyfriend (who really does exist), the always-lovelier Inkbot, classy as ever Lily replete with pirate t-shirt, bouncyfun Brina, sweetest David, bubbling Wendy, hilarious Ergazork, and of course a bunch of non-LiveJournal peeps I’ll omit for my own brevity and your own anonymity. Old friends mingled with new ones, and I had a fabulous time. I’m just floored that you all came out for my little shindig. Thank you again.

And thanks for buying me drinks, even though I didn’t exactly get to enjoy them. I had a few sips of a hurricane that tasted like celery, and a few sips of a midori sour that disappeared mysteriously while I was on the dance floor, getting down to lounge tunes. There was an impromptu limbo contest (Ergazork won) and a surly server and it rained rained rained inside and everything sparkled.

Now to sleep, and to dream of more evenings just like this, surrounded by remarkable people who care so much about me and each other. It is a good life.

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