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shook and dyed

Last night was delightful! I’m so glad I am no longer plagued with social phobias. A large part of that has to do with not being able to rely on anyone else, and having to figure out just how to insert myself into the dynamic properly, or be regulated to wallflower status for the night. There is the added relief of not worrying about if someone else is having a good time or not. I can stay as long as I want, talk to whomever I want, and generally move around and mingle without nervousness.

I arrived with two bottles of wine – one merlot and one cabernet – as well as three young sunflowers, a Charles Rennie Mackintosh print card, and “Die Werwölfe von Düsterwald”, one of my favorite party games. I knew that Kirsten enjoys games, but I was delighted to discover that she also loves werewolves!

I chatted with a bunch of different people. I was so glad that I knew a few people there already; they made it much easier for me to feel comfortable, although that didn’t take long at all as it was. I settled in with a glass of wine next to Brad and Bob and that was that, until nearly three o’clock the next morning.

But absolutely the best part of the evening occurred after most of the guests had gone home or gone to bed. Those of us left sat around a little table and chatted and got henna tattoos!

henna hand

I am hooked on henna now. The experience was relaxing and sensual. I love ultra-light, ultra-thin touches on my palm and fingers. The combination of that, and the scents of tea tree oil, then lemon and sugar … mmm. Conversation rolled around me as I tried to sit with my right hand perfectly still – a difficult feat around such witty, entertaining people. They talked about Burning Man a bit, and I didn’t make a face, not even once! There were plenty of other things to talk about, too. And FunkyPlaid was mentioned in such fond terms, as he had been all night, that it was almost like he was there with me. Almost.

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