still the luckiest

So Thursday evening FunkyPlaid went to a pub and just happened to be introduced to Ken MacLeod, a Scottish science-fiction writer I like tremendously, and had a great conversation with the man. Within the context of the conversation, he finds out that Ken MacLeod is tight with …

(wait for it)

Iain Banks.

That’s right, people. Iain Banks. My favorite author ever. The same Iain Banks who wrote The Wasp Factory, The Bridge (one of my favorite books of All Time), and Excession. The same Iain Banks whose books I have collected, read, and re-read for years, ever since I picked up Feersum Endjinn on a whim and became instantly enthralled.

And so, you ask? What does this mean?

It means that FunkyPlaid gave Ken MacLeod his contact information, with the stated goal of all of us having dinner and perhaps a drink or two when I come out in December. The four of us, that is. FunkyPlaid, Ken MacLeod, me, and …

Iain Banks.

I am the luckiest, the absolute luckiest girl in the world. The luckiest.

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