it works

She decided that she needed a warning label, or an instruction manual. Too many times she had been unable to express to a lover what it was she wanted; too many times she had spoken what she knew a lover wanted to hear instead.

So, warnings or instructions were needed. Her first would be:

Contents under pressure … but honey, you are more than welcome to look for the safety valve.

That was a good start. And then:

If you can’t talk dirty, write dirty. If you can’t write dirty, write to someone else.

Mm, okay. Getting better. Thirdly:

Figure it out. Use your senses. Ask me questions. Take a breath; take your time. Persistence pays off.

And she’d finish with:

When all else fails, kiss me. Lips to lips, gentle – no tongue-thrashing, please. Breath against breath, kiss me slowly. Translate your mouth to mine. It works. O, how it works.

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