post office 1, pet store guy -3,439,677

Today I sent a box of FunkyPlaid’s possessions to him in Glasgow. I got bubble wrap and a big box from the UPS Store, then went home and packed the hell out of everything. I felt victorious … until I attempted to lift it. Hello, no upper body strength. Just great. I managed to get the box to my car, no thanks to my wussy physique.

I shouldn’t have gone to the post office in downtown San Rafael because there is no parking whatsoever for the place. This was a tactical error that would bite me in the ass, unbeknownst to me. I parked in the pet store parking lot across the street because the box was so heavy and there were no spaces on the street out front. I didn’t realize it would take 45 minutes in the post office! When I got to my car, the pet store guy – who I’ve had nothing but cordial relations with to date – was waiting for me. He approached me and yelled at me for parking there. I apologized several times, telling him politely that I hadn’t used the lot inappropriately before and I wouldn’t do it again. He wasn’t having any of it, and when he finally stopped yelling at me about “disrespecting his wishes” and walked away, I just burst into tears.

So I’m back at work, soggy and miserable, and I’m going to miss the Charles de Lint reading and signing at Dark Carnival which starts right … now. I think I’ll go home as soon as I can and hide from the world, which is behaving in a stupid and ugly fashion just now.

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