they all came back

It’s the first day of the fall semester where I work, and things are getting A Little Crazy.

One of my favorite professors came into the library and asked for a PowerPoint tutorial. I replied, “So you’re asking me to help you with your homework?” and he laughed. “Yes, I am.”

I was honored, truly. It was an hour well-spent. I got to look at slides of the Sistine Chapel, and make a professor giggle with my silly jokes.

One of the student assistants who did an abysmal job over the summer asked me for his schedule today. I took him into my office and explained that I wasn’t giving him any, and why. He seemed apologetic and penitent at first (especially after he was caught in a lie), then returned just a few minutes later, all aggro. I stared him down and told him again that I explained my decision to him and that was that. He left, pissed off but cowed.

I would hate to say that the incident was a good thing, because confrontations never are, but I stood up for myself and my department, and that part did feel good.

I will treat myself to a DVD this evening, and then some writing.

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