each new day

Last night, I discovered my very favorite restaurant in all of the San Francisco Bay Area.

That restaurant is Ti Couz. And o, it is so good …

I crashed hard after getting home from work, and then woke up with a call from FunkyPlaid, with 45 minutes to get ready. Normally this wouldn’t stress me out, but I had had a strange dream about a problem at work and woke up confused. So I leapt into clothes and did something with my hair (god, I can’t wait until it’s long enough to braid) and was ready to go by the time FunkyPlaid came to pick me up. A beautiful lavender rose was waiting for me when I got into his car. I smiled so much my face hurt.

We zoomed into the city and got utterly stuck in the vortex that is parking in the Mission. But my friends are darling, understanding people, plus they had already had a few drinks while waiting, so it was all good. Brina had already started off with a Ti Couz Ten, which is my New Favorite Drink! It had blackberry puree, vodka, crushed mint, something else that I’m forgetting, and a dash of champagne with a lime twist. So. Very. Good. It was wonderful to see Lunesse and atomicboy, as well as David and Brina. We were seated after a short wait and tucked into wonderful food and goofy conversation. I had the night’s special crepe, which was filled with feta cheese and mushrooms and had sun-dried tomato crème fraîche drizzled on top. For dessert, I had a pear crepe with Nutella on top. I think my taste buds had an orgasm at that point. I lost track of how many Ti Couz Tens I partook of, and was feeling pleasantly warm but not too buzzed throughout.

After a long, leisurely dinner – the best kind – we said goodbye to Lunesse and atomicboy, and the remaining four walked to FunkyPlaid’s car. Conversation was light and fun as we wandered through the Castro on the way. We drove David and Brina home and headed back to Marin. I spent some time working on my laptop at FunkyPlaid’s place while he sorted his own computer stuff out, until I finally keeled over and succumbed to happy sleep.

I know that my last post can’t really be responded to in a good way. I was reluctant to write it at first, but this is my journal, and I have so many things to work out that it did feel good to get that part of it out. The more I think about it, and the more I write about it, the less the grip of the pain on my heart. I can feel myself growing and healing, turning into the amazing person I have always strived to be. Here’s hoping you all feel the same promise and potential of each new day … I couldn’t wish anything better for my friends.

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