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I had big plans for today, but slept instead. In the past, I have slept this much when I was depressed, but since I am quite happy, I know I must just be catching up. The plans weren’t so big, anyway; I just needed to get some laundry and cleaning done. I thought I might watch one of my Netflix movies, too, but I fell asleep about a third of the way through it. I’ll clean for a bit tonight, but the laundry is going to have to go to the laundry place tomorrow, where I don’t have to worry about it for a day or two. It actually comes out cheaper to drop it off there than do it myself at the laundromat, oddly enough.

Game day was yesterday. I got to see some of my very favorite people, like David, Brina, Wendy and Ergazork. The five of us played the Buffy boardgame, which is a lot of fun. I picked Willow because, well, she’s a gorgeous lesbian who hangs out in the library and does magick. We like those. By the time I had to go, I had successfully cast some spells and I also had gotten Tara as a help card, plus a rocket launcher! What more does a gorgeous lesbian need, really?

I drove back home and threw on some nicer clothes, because it was time for FunkyPlaid and I to head off for the evening’s festivities. We stopped by his family’s barbecue-type gathering and I spent some time talking to his dad and uncle about “where we’re from” plus things like music sharing on the ‘net and changing one’s name. Suddenly it was much later than we realized, so we drove into the city to meet up with friends for dinner and drinks. We were quite late, but everyone was understanding. The sushi was excellent, and we even had a bit of unfiltered sake, which I’ve decided is one of my favorite alcoholic things. Not that I was really up for serious drinking last night, after last Saturday night. Oof. I took some photos with my Palm Zire 71, and so did other people:

cygnoir and funkyplaid

And now I am off to shower and forage for food, then I must work on my next assignment for my creative writing workshop: dialogue.

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