don’t try this at home

I have gained intimate knowledge of why one should never drink liquor, beer and wine in the same night.

Ow. Everything with the ow. I managed to do something insanely bad to my right thumb, and my left calf feels like someone punched me in it. My skull has been hollowed out to make room for the 2003 International Sledgehammer Competition. We won’t even discuss the gastrointestinal carnival.

And it was all worth it. Although I won’t ever do that again.

I met a bajillion amazing and wonderful people at FunkyPlaid’s going-away party. Also, Allura joined me for part of it, and it was terrific to see her and hang out with her again. I hope her photos turned out well, or at least non-incriminating.

It is time for peppermint tea, petting Zen, and more sleep.

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