So I’ve decided to get my left nostril re-pierced. It was originally pierced in early ‘93, with a piercing gun – BAD IDEA, but I didn’t know any better at the time – and it healed perfectly. I loved it so much. In October of ‘01, I took it out for a theatrical audition, and decided to keep it out for a little while. That little while turned into many months. When I tried to put my nose ring back in, I could only get it halfway through: the hole had partially healed up.

I was utterly distraught, and didn’t know what to do. Last fall, when I had to remove all of my jewelry for the MRI, I was unable to get the captive-bead ring back into my daith. I went to Area 51 in downtown San Rafael and a piercer there put it back in for me free of charge. While I was there, I asked her if it was possible to re-pierce, and she hesitated before saying yes, adding that the needle would be going through scar tissue. Since before her answer I was about to ask her to do it right then and there, I was thrown off and didn’t know what else to ask her about re-piercing. I was also nervous and a little intimidated, because her demeanor was much more standoffish than any other piercer I’ve experienced. Granted, there haven’t been that many, but I still have seven lobe piercings and a daith, so I have been to a few. Each one has been so friendly and put me at ease at once, especially the gentleman who did my daith in Birmingham. Now that hurt, worlds more than my nose ever did, but it was a fantastic experience.

I left the place without re-piercing my nostril, and felt so very embarrassed and sad for days afterwards. I wished I had had the self-assurance to just do it, regardless of the piercer’s personality. It seemed like such an arbitrary thing to hang my happiness on … because it was. Still, I’ve put it off this long.

I was going to go right before work today, but I was exhausted and would prefer to do it when I’m well-rested and centered. Not because of the pain, which is momentary anyway, but because of my emotional state. I want to go tomorrow, either on my lunch break or right after work. I just wish I didn’t feel like such a lamer about it. And please let me get a different piercer!

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