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Can I tell you how annoyed I am by having both a journal on my website and a LiveJournal? I cannot figure out why I am so utterly obsessed with consolidation, but I am, and I know you are all so tired of this. Maybe I’ll just embed my LiveJournal in my website and be done with it.

Speaking of my website, I received a hilarious email the other day. Here it is, for your enjoyment:

I was looking over your site, and I thought “Wow, what a self-absorbed prima donna.” Of course being such is not as bad as preventing people - via your password protections - from responding to your posts. You want people to read your life story, yet you allow almost no one to reply. How selfish! The Web is a multi-directional communications tool, but you’ve turned it into your little narcissistic repository: read me, give me attention you say. Then you silence everyone else.

I’ll be happy to direct my online attention elsewhere.


“If you are genuine and respectful, I will reply.” –

I didn’t reply, of course. But here’s what I was thinking when I read his email …

Um, okay, bub. Let’s review your stunning logic here. I’m “narcissistic” because I post my writing for everyone to read yet don’t “let” anyone reply. Even though my email address is clearly posted on every single page of my main site, so if you wanted to respond to me privately, you would be able to do so. Hence your brilliant missive with such accurate observations of my character.

What you’re really objecting to is that I don’t let you reply publicly to my posts, since you obviously haven’t asked for a password, which would grant you the ability to post comments to my entries. (Nevermind the fact that I haven’t denied a password to anyone who’s asked me yet.) So narcissism, to you, is someone who gives friends and strangers alike insight into her personal life in carefully thought-out and crafted essays, and doesn’t require any sort of feedback in return. And you, who could connect personally with another human being via this “multi-directional communications tool”, have your knickers in a twist because all of my friends can’t read what you have to say to (about) me. You stupid fucking git. Why don’t you run along now and download some prolapse porn, which is what you use your “multi-directional communications tool” for the other 99.999% of the time – that is, when you’re not harassing people you don’t even know.

There. I feel better!

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