apple core

So Tentacles (rhymes roughly with “Hercules”), my Power Mac dual-450Mhz-processor G4, went to the hospital yesterday. He’s having some power issues, namely not turning on when he’s supposed to, and shutting down without warning. After extensive in-home diagnostics, I decided it was time to admit him to the Apple Store hospital. I’ll find out Monday if he can be fixed or if I should save my money to replace him.

Replacing Tentacles. I’m bummed just thinking about it, but I guess I have to entertain the possibility. Since there’s no way I’m going to afford a Power Mac G5, I thought about saving my money for a 12” PowerBook. My mom just got herself one, and I’ve fiddled around with it a little. It’s small and sturdy and fast and has Bluetooth built-in. These are all good things.

At any rate, I still have Gillian, my Blueberry clamshell iBook, so I won’t be computerless. Just Sims-less, Photoshop-less, iChatAV-less, Myst-less, Tropico-less …

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