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So it looks like I will be returning to Chicago in less than a week for electronic course reserves training. I wish my boss had thought to send me while I was in Chicago already visiting my mom, but hey, if I get reimbursed for the flight, it’s a free trip to see her again, which is always welcome. The downside is that I gave up my weekend with Scott, and I don’t know when I’ll see him again, which adds a bit of melancholy to my days.

Pisica will be amused to know that I am having dinner with FunkyPlaid tonight. Small, small world.

The clock is ticking on my decision to give up or keep it. I am still undecided. It was a monumental effort to get all of my online journal-writing in one place on my own website, but the lack of security there is bothering me. At least two people who aren’t friendly towards me are regularly reading what I write there, as opposed to what I write here, which is controlled by friends-only access. I suppose I could manage access to with usernames and passwords, but that’s another level of difficulty I really don’t want to handle. Plus, there’s the expense, which is both minimal and more than I want to pay.

I am gearing up for a wedding on Saturday – not performing, just attending – at which I will see many of my long-distance friends and also do some serious reception dancing, my favorite kind. Being extroverted requires a bit of psyching up, for me, but it’s always worth it.

I downloaded the Neverwinter Nights demo for OS X last night. It looks slick, but I’ll probably get bored before I do anything real with it. As usual.

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