I am happy, because I have just grilled myself a honey ham and Muenster cheese sandwich. Zen is happy, because she is curled up in the box the grill came in.

An interesting situation is brewing at work, and I’m sure the staff meeting tomorrow will be completely insane. My boss is making a pretty bold move that, in theory, could finish up a years-long project in just a few months. However, many folks have concerns about it, and I’m not sure how constructively they bring up their concerns in staff meetings. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow, but there’s always happy hour.

Tonight I started reading We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, which inspired Orwell’s 1984. So far, the book is fantastic. I love all the mathematical metaphors, and how the protagonist refers to the unknown in others as “x”, the undefined variable. I plan on re-reading 1984 as soon as I’m done, thus serving myself a double-whammy of dystopian inspiration for my stage play.

Rearranging my apartment boosted my mood considerably, as did cooking some meals that didn’t originate in a can. I’m looking forward to Scott’s visit, though, so I can get out of the apartment and perhaps have some Indian food. I don’t think it will be too difficult to talk him into that.

Next step: walking to work. It’s just over a mile away, and the weather has been gorgeous. The exercise and time to think will be great for me!

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