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a solution

When I am getting cranky with the layout of my apartment, all I have to remember is: I can rearrange it!

Last night, I moved the table and chairs to the windows, where my futon was, and moved the futon to the closet nook, where the table and chairs were. The chest of drawers, which was awkwardly situated at the end of the table, sticking out into the main space, has been moved to the far wall. (If you’re watching the webcam, the big black thing on top of the chest of drawers is my radio/CD/tape player, and the white thing to the right is my beloved bread machine.)

I slept well last night, but I have to remember to put down the blinds because now the morning sun shines directly in my face! I’ll take some photos after I finish shredding my papers and dropping off some junk at the public dump. I did take one photo already, that of a very adorable cat:

Zen, reclining

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