So I cooked this weekend. Big shocker! I made a fried egg sandwich. Actually, two: one on Saturday morning and one today. I love fried egg sandwiches. I put the fried eggs on toaster biscuits (untoasted) slathered with mayo. I added some shredded honey ham and a piece of Muenster cheese. Wonderful stuff.

The point of cooking is that I did it, and now that I own a spatula and a nicer 9” skillet, I will be able to cook other things, too. The tough part is not having a preparation area that is safe from Zen’s nosy face. I’m having to work on the sink, which is a balancing act, and Zen has perfected her leap from floor to windowsill and then her creep from windowsill to sink.

I like living here a lot, but I am so tired of (a) all of my stuff being so jammed in here and (b) having no kitchen. I desperately need a trip to Ikea; there have to be some good wall-hung storage solutions there. The walls are really the only space I have. I suppose I could move come August, but I like this place.

Last night I went to Stephan and Anu’s place in El Cerrito. They rent a nice two-story house that’s very close to BART and the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge. I had a wonderful evening with them, just chatting and snacking and having good Hungarian table wine. I kept thinking about what it would be like to live in a house again. It’s strange, not having the ability to escape all of my possessions. I have a more critical eye when it comes to them, and I hardly ever buy anything that isn’t food or toiletries. I buy food I know I’ll eat soon, instead of hoarding things for later. I see just how many books I have, so I don’t buy more because there’s nowhere to put them. Living in a studio apartment has definitely changed how I consume, and I consider this a good thing. Not to mention the lack of a television set. Watching DVDs on my Mac is great, and I can listen to NPR on my radio. I get so much reading and thinking done now that there aren’t endless sitcom reruns to flip through. I may never own a TV again!

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