I’m reading and reminiscing about my college days at Edinboro when I had two hermit crabs of my own, Chani and Ti’inu. It’s sad how little I knew about their long-term care, compared to the author of this website, yet still they lived a few good years with me in my various dorm rooms. Everyone thought I was so strange for having crabs as pets, but they were darling little creatures to me. I loved picking out shells for them to grow into. Some mornings I’d wake up and expect to see their little legs sticking out of certain shells, and they’d have moved into others overnight. I just learned that they were intentionally tipping over the water dish all that time; hermit crabs apparently love to dig in moist substrate.

Must … resist … buying … hermit crabs. I think Zen would view them as tasty treats, and that would be very bad for both species.

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