Everything, and I do mean everything, is annoying me today. I do not understand people who cannot grasp the concept of filling out a schedule of availability, which is what I ask all prospective student assistants to do. This is done so I can then look at our open hours and decide when we need the most help, and schedule people accordingly. I have handed out several of these schedules, and without turning them in to me students have begun asking when they will work.

First of all, they aren’t even hired yet. Secondly, their schedules might not match up to what I need. How difficult is this? Pretty damned difficult, it seems, for college students.

I had my first job while I was still in high school. I even had to turn in a résumé for it. I am asking nothing so professional from the students here.

I cannot wait for “happy hour” tonight, and no, not for the wine. For the ability to vent about all of this and more, to let it go, and to laugh with co-workers who have become friends.

I shelved books yesterday, a task usually done by student assistants, but since we only have one this week, these tasks fall to those of us working the circulation desk. It was quite enjoyable, a welcome respite from the endless documentation that makes up the bulk of my job here. I anticipate having to ask the rest of the library staff to help out with shelving books if we are not able to hire at least a few student assistants this summer. No one is “above” shelving books, and I hope that is well understood.

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