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The TMBG Meetup was cancelled this month, but Anna, David and I decided to meet up anyway! We met at the Metreon tonight and walked to Mel’s Diner for dinner, then headed back to the Metreon. We browsed the Discovery store, because I thought I might find some good gifts for my mom there, but I didn’t think she would appreciate Dinosaur Food (dehydrated mint chocolate chip ice cream, no wonder they became extinct) or the remote-controlled plastic alligator.

We discovered a tiny little laptop with an attached cam that allowed us to “send a digital postcard”: metreon postcard

We also found a sticker photo booth, so I have five tiny stickers of the three of us, too: strange posse

There were so many things to see and talk about! I love meeting new people, especially someone as fun and interesting as Anna, and of course I adore hanging out with David. The energy between the three of us was positively sparkling. I felt like we had all known each other forever, almost instantly. We wandered around the various stores in the Metreon, and David even played a free game of Dance Dance Revolution, although I swore the display said Dance Pad Revolution Two, which was confusing. I talked myself out of buying a Sensa Cloud 9 pen.

After we were sated by Metreon goodness, we headed over to the Marriott to see the View, a restaurant and bar on the thirty-ninth floor. The view was, as expected, stunning, and we decided to stay for drinks and chat. I regretted having to leave so soon, because I was really enjoying myself. I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out (or slug out, as is the case when I get so unmotivated I can’t leave the house). I hope Anna had as good a time as I did, because I’d love to hang out with her again soon. Now I am going to go to bed on time, and dream of being in a TMBG cover band.

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