shaking my tiny fist

O my goodness, o my goodness. I just got back from the TMBG show at the Great American Music Hall. During the first half of the show, TMBG pretended they were a TMBG cover band called “Sapphire Bullets” and they did the entirety of “Flood” in order. It was amazing. I got to shake my tiny fist and swear I wasn’t wrong!

The best part was seeing two little girls singing all the words to the songs from “No!” Well, and the confetti cannons. And then the radio thing they do, where they turn to different stations in local radio and play whichever song pops up. Okay, all of the parts were the best parts! David and I had so much fun! I am the luckiest girl in the world to ever see TMBG twice in two days!

And now I am exhausted, so happy good night!

(Later on: yay, I started a LiveJournal discussion about the concert!)

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