you remind me of the babe

Okay, Druid, you can stop asking me now: I finally saw “Labyrinth” … and loved it. David Bowie was so pretty! And now I can finally appreciate the crystal ball tricks that Shae was so fond of doing, except he used to do them with steel ball bearings. I’d tell people I knew about that so invariably upon first meeting, they’d ask him, “Do the thing with your balls!” Hilarity ensued.

Ah, I miss the days of the Birmingham Boardgamers, nights full of Scrabble and new folks popping in to join the cool kids. And I was one of the cool kids. So many of us have moved away since then, and it’s only been a few years. I wish the Celestial Realm Coffeehouse didn’t have to close. I still have my mug, even with its broken handle, and I remember the last time I saw Shae there.

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