I just had a conversation with Scott about how much I fiddle with my website. It’s not anywhere near as obsessive a habit as it was when I had, but I’m worried about it approaching that level if left unchecked.

The problem is, I enjoy fiddling with my website. I do it when I am a little tired or bored and restless and don’t want to focus on reading or writing. Not having a television has improved my free time considerably, I’ve found. There are shows I miss, like “Scrubs” and “Farscape”, but now that the latter is over I am even less inclined to watch television again. I watch plenty of DVDs these days, and have three more from Netflix just waiting to be watched.

There are other activities, too. I take trips into the city and beyond to visit friends more often, which makes me very happy. Wednesday night, I drove into the city to meet up with David, Brina and Chatty for drinks at a tiki bar. We played “Pass the Pigs” and talked about seismology porn. Afterwards, we had delicious sushi and talked about something else. We went to David’s and played more games (of course) and I was introduced to the insanity that is Homestar Runner. I returned home, full of good food and happy.

So I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, and ejoy the hobby that is my website fiddling, and not worry about becoming a freak about it. I wish I could fire one of my internal critics, the one that eyes all the time I spend changing little things here and there. “I should be allowed to glue my poster.”

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