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Sushi with Chris and Clay on Tuesday night was lots of fun. They’re my adopted little brothers and my source for Stuff That I Can’t Keep Up With, i.e. new movies and music and books. Clay insisted that A Feast for Crows is coming out in two weeks, but George R.R. Martin says otherwise. Chris informed me that Linkin Park’s sophomore release “Meteora” is out now and their sound has hardened and improved. And both of them highly recommended the trailer for “Phone Booth”.

What a horrific trailer. Am I getting old? The premise of “Phone Booth” is that a slimy man, played by the too-pretty Colin Farrell, answers a pay-phone and is told not to hang up or he’ll be shot. (By Kiefer Sutherland, even. I like this choice. Kiefer’s voice, like his father’s, just gets better as he gets older.) Apparently the film culminates in Slimy Colin having to choose between his girlfriend and his wife: which one does Sniper Kiefer get to shoot?

Well, I’ll pick up the new Linkin Park release, but I won’t see “Phone Booth”, not even for Kiefer’s drawling, languid tones. And I’m not holding my breath for the Crows.

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