on to amsterdam

So that catches us up! This morning, we woke up, got ready and packed, then left for the train station. Sandra took us to a bakery – I really wish we had good ones in America – and we got lots of bread for the train. Sandra is wonderful. I’m enjoying her company a lot. Also, I’m completely envious of her ability to speak (at least) three different languages fluently. I’m really glad she and Henrik are dating. I have not had a chance to interact with any of his other girlfriends, but as far as I could tell, they all had Issues.

It’s fascinating to me to watch people interacting in two different languages. The code-switching is really bizarre sometimes. I wish for the bazillionth time that I spoke German, even non-fluently. I just felt so helpless in Hamburg, even a bit embarrassed that other people could speak my language but I couldn’t speak theirs. But now we are headed to Amsterdam, where many people speak English and we shouldn’t speak German, so okay! I will let this control issue go. I am a little sad that soon I will have to say goodbye to Henrik. I’ve grown accustomed to his presence again.

We will arrive in Amsterdam in about 30 minutes. I’m very excited and also a bit nervous. Sometimes I feel like being in Hamburg was like having tourist training-wheels.

Reminder to self: contact John and Raina, and try and find Ad.

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