more hamburg

So that brings us to yesterday! Whew! I am almost caught up! We had another nice breakfast in Sandra’s flat – forgot to take pictures of it but it’s gorgeous and only costs €500 a month. New appliances, hardwood floors, beautiful watercolors on the walls and everything. It really made me want to live in a city again.

Anyway, when we got going, it was too late to get to Lübeck. We instead went to the Hauptbahnhof and took a ferry from the harbor to the beach on the Elbe. We walked along the beach and talked and I admired all the cute dogs being walked. It was cold but still beautiful. We wanted to have a cofee at this bar on the beach but it was closed for the off-season. So we tried to figure out where we were and climbed this huge hill in the process, thereby exhausting us. Then Henrik saw our bus about an eighth of a mile away so we had to run like crazy (but the nice bus driver waited) to catch it. We walked around Altona for a while, got a mocha and talked a lot (my favorite thing to do) and I had a wonderful time. We went back to Henrik’s flat and I took a short nap while Scott taught Henrik to play the card game we brought him, Fluxx. Then I woke up and Sandra took a nap while I played Fluxx with the guys.

Afterwards, we all went out to dinner in the Sternschanze (Henrik’s old neighborhood) at a sushi bar. It was quite good, but not as good as California sushi. Then we went to a bar called Mellow Mood and I had banana juice (er, nectar) which turns out to be juice I actually like. I like all the talking we’ve done about cultural differences. Those are really fascinating to me. We were going to go to the red light district again, but it was cold and late and we had to be up early for the train to Amsterdam.

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