arrival in hamburg

Wow, there doesn’t seem to be any time to write down these adventures. To pick up where I left off: the trains (regional and long-distance [fahr]) were located very close to the arrivals and baggage claim for international flights. We found a telephone card (for €10) and the train number of the fastest one to Hamburg and a public telephone and we called Henrik with the info. Once we figured out how to board the train (after getting our Eurail passes validated), we only had a short wait. Our passes are first-class so we were in a very posh car with a bunch of business-types in suits talking on mobile phones (called “handys” in Germany, which cracks me up way too much).

Scott got me a cup of coffee from the dining car but I couldn’t stay awake to drink it. I napped while he read “Der Spiegel” and watched the scenery out the window. The train ride was about 3.5 ours. We arrived at the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof around 16:30 and met Henrik … well, really we ran around a bit and called his mobile to figure out where to meet since it is such a huge place. It was so great to see him again. He saw us first and ran up and hugged me and I was so happy! Nothing had changed – or rather much had changed but we got along as always.

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