in flight: LAX to Frankfurt

So, we are on the plane! This morning, all went quite smoothly when we were trying to leave the house on time, even boarding the pets. Midori went first, very crankily so, then Berkeley got dropped off. We left the car in long-term parking close to the airport. Took a shuttle to the airport, checked in, checked out bags, had lunch, cruised the duty-free store, then sat for just a bit after the security checkpoint and it was time to board!

I am a mixture of exhaustion and excitement. I would like to be more bubbly right now but I am soaking up each moment very calmly and quietly instead.

The Euros are so pretty! I haven’t had much chance to look at them but I will when we are not in public.

I got a new mobile phone! Considering how long I have wanted one, I was very excited to buy it. Scott helped me out some, which was so sweet. It is a Samsung S-105 with a color screen. Really cute. Polyphonic ringtones, too! Unfortunately, the international feature takes a while to set up so I have no idea if I can use it in Europe this trip. Sigh. I’m hopeful.

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