first leg: home to OAK

Wow. I am on my way. I left work early and Martha picked me up at my apartment. Actually, she got lost and freaked out, but she found her way eventually. I was nervous but calmed down as soon as I saw how scared she was. She dropped me off at the transit center and I got on the airport shuttle. We are in major traffic right now so I can write a bit. Dropping Zen off was so saddening. I love her so much and am terrified of losing her. But she will be fine. I have to learn to relinquish control a bit.

I had to stop writing on the bus as traffic picked up, so I napped. Considering I had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep last night, a nap was just what I needed. I had some contact-lens woes, though, so I took them out at the airport. Now I am at my gate with an hour to go till boarding. I won’t be in L.A. until 21:00; it’s just past 18:00 now. Blah.

I had a slice of veggie pizza and a smoothie. Both cost me about $10. Yeesh. (Not each!) I am starting to read Mona’s 2nd book. So far the prologue is quite engrossing. (Overshoot is the title.)

The Irreverent Guide to Amsterdam is getting me really psyched about going. And of course we’ll have a native guide in Hamburg. I suppose I am only concerned about Brussels. I don’t know much about it, plus I don’t speak French or Flemish so I’m going to feel a bit lost. Bah. At least it will be during the last third of the trip. Maybe I will be more comfy by then.

Mostly I am worried about accommodations. I hope it’s not ridiculously expensive for hotels. I really am unsure about the whole hostel thing. Maybe I am just too prudish about sleeping in bunkbeds in a huge room filled with strangers. It would be cheaper, that’s for sure, but how much would it suck to wake up with some weird person watching me sleep or something? Ew.

I am bummed that my Waterman is so leaky. I’m going to have to take it back to the pen store. Sigh. My finger is all purple! :(

Switching back to the cheapo pen now. Here we go. Scott just called; he is buying tamales for us to eat for a late dinner. Yay! I like those a lot. I like him a lot, too.

My dad is going to call my mobile on my birthday. I should call Mom Sunday too. I can’t believe I’m going to be 30! I’m very excited about my new decade. It should be even better than the last few. We hope. I hope I continue to learn and grow and be more myself … and be happy.

I am very excited to be the one going on this trip. I am usually listening to everyone else’s vacations to far-away places. Now I am the one going. It feels wonderful. I think of all the blank pages in this book I am going to fill up – how exciting. I can’t wait to write it all down. Time for me to stop writing now, though. My wrist hurts.

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