come friday

I am okay now. I am sorry for worrying you, my friends. It has been a rough few weeks, and I had to release some of the pressure I was feeling.

Tomorrow it will be Friday, and with Fridays come weekends, and with weekends come calm. Usually. This one, definitely.

My friend Matt gave me a book for my birthday called Practicing the Power of Now. I need this more than ever. I will take it with me to Europe. Europe is so close, ten days away. I would say it is so close I can taste it but I haven’t tasted this part of Europe yet, so I don’t know how it tastes. But soon. I bet it tastes of old books and fresh coffee. Then again, everything I love best does.

Let’s not forget that bad things pass, that on the verge of breaking the world as we are, bad things do pass. Whether or not we will be on the other side with them, well, that is for faith and expectation to buoy us. I am not buying duct tape and I am getting on that plane.

Peace, inside and out. For all of us, and for me too.

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