not on the deck

I met my new next-door neighbor last night. She’s nice, cute, my age, wears glasses, and has no qualms about peeing out-of-doors. Except for the last, we could be sisters!

I hope she uses the bathroom in the studio next door and not the deck. Hmm.

Anyway, I gave her a bunch of my boxes and we chatted a bit and she petted Zen. I am very hopeful about this new neighbor, and she makes it an all-girl house, which is just fine by me!

In other news, a five-minute no-expressway commute to work is a mighty fine thing indeed. However, the library is almost completely empty. If you think the library is just a place where books live, you’re wrong. It’s empty and sad without people in it. Two-thirds of my co-workers are still on vacation. The students are still far, far away. We took the Christmas tree down before the break, so there’s no decorations and no show in the gallery, even. So very sad.

I could sort through the 133 items in my inbox, but I’d much rather ponder lunch.

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