shortest recap

Friday Scott arrived. Saturday he helped me with more moving stuff, and then we went into the city and I performed the wedding ceremony. Afterwards, we went to David’s apartment to play games and have dinner and lovely wine with him and Brina. On Sunday, we did more moving and unpacking, watched “The Fellowship of the Ring” on DVD (thanks, Ned!) and then went to see “The Two Towers”. (uh, wow) Monday we ran around like CRAZY people, getting everything packed and dropping Zen off at the boarding place. Somehow – no thanks to the taxi company we called WAY ahead of time – we made it to the airport shuttle, then to the airport, and had a quick dinner before I had to board my plane.

The flight was an uneventful four hours. Which was a good thing, you see, because I have had enough eventfulness for three or four people lately.

And now, the yearly preparation for the potential fiasco that is visiting my aunt’s house. O yay.

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