sleep success

Although the G4 didn’t make it over here last night – simply because I couldn’t lift the damned monitor – the coffeemaker did, and so in just a few moments I will brew a pot of coffee and greet the day properly.

Zen slept curled up next to me for part of the night, and then at some point I woke up and she was on the third level of her cat tree (the thing is 7’ tall and has four levels). Right before my alarm went off, I woke and heard her fiddling in the litterbox, and then she came to bed and curled up next to me again for a few purring minutes until she was off to inspect some new part of this small place.

Now she’s on the very top of her cat tree and dozing again. I, on the other hand, am awake and ready to face my very last workday before the holiday! Tonight, Scott arrives for a few days, and tomorrow I perform the wedding. Sunday and Monday may be spent just doing absolutely nothing. Ahh.

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