I am packing for Detroit, and will leave soon to spend the day with David and Brina before heading out on my flight tonight. Scott is safely and happily ensconced with family up north; I head east to do the same with myself for a few days.

My family has been so supportive of me this year, and o, have I ever needed it. My friends have, too, but I’ve also seen a little sorting out on that score: there are those who have remained close, and those who have drifted off into the ether. For once, I’m not blaming myself for losing touch with people. I have given it an honest shot, and to do more would require the rest of my life to be more stable than it is right now. It isn’t, and so the friends who require more attention than I can give them will just have to wander off.

But family … they have to stick around, no matter what. Suckers! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow American peeps. To the rest of the world, happy Thursday!

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