I had a truly wondrous visit with my dad and stepmom. So glad; I needed it. Berkeley is such an incredible place. I would look into Cal for grad school, but they have no MFA in creative writing. Bah.

Reading The Stranger by Camus, finally. It’s captivating. Making me want to write in short sentences, too. Oops, even fragments. Shame on me.

This morning, I got up to the sound of my new alarm clock at 0600 and was out the door by 0700, just like I used to! It felt great. Unfortunately, the 101 was completely backed up and I didn’t get into the office exactly at 0730. At least I was here before 0745, and with only a 30-minute lunch I’ll feel not at all sorry for leaving on time.

That means I have to follow through with the rest of my new-old schedule, which involves exercise, meditation, and an hour of only writing … nothing else.

More GRE review shall happen tonight, yea verily, forsooth. (I’m working the old school vocab, see?)

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