Luny and Halsted and Roe, o my!

So, I have to write about meeting Roe, not only because it was a first for me, but because it was such a terrific day!

Saturday morning, I ran late. This is not new for me, but I was actually hoping that by cutting out the fretting-over-makeup part of my daily routine, I’d save some time. We see how well that worked. I called Lunesse to let her know I was running late, and then finished getting ready (insert more fretting over clothing choice here) and drove to Luny’s house. Or tried. I forgot which exit to take and ended up quite lost. Sigh. So I had to call her and she gave me great directions. I called Roe on her mobile to let her know we were already running late. She seemed to take this in stride – thank goodness – and I got to Luny’s without further incident. We drove into the city.

I don’t know how I can possibly forget how great Luny is, but I somehow do, and then I spend time with her again and am reminded, and it’s like, duh! We chatted all the way into the city and meandered through Saturday traffic to Roe’s hotel. Since there was no parking to be found, Luny ran into Roe’s hotel lobby and I circled the block. Or half-circled, because I only rounded two corners and they appeared! They jumped in the car and we drove to a nearby garage to strand Logo (my car) and walk to Chinatown.

Roe is just as I imagined her, and much like she is online: bubbly and funny and whip-smart and empathetic and charming. The three of us got along immediately and perfectly, like old friends, which I suppose we are, even if we haven’t had the opportunities to hang out like old friends offline. We got bubble tea in Chinatown from this amazing candy shop, then wandered around and poked through some stores and talked a lot. Soon it was time to head back north, so we did.

We stopped at Luny’s to pick up her husband, AtomicBoy, and the four of us went to Taco Joe’s for lunch. Chad was just getting out of rehearsal when we were eating lunch, so he met us back at Luny’s and the five of us went to Muir Beach Overlook, which still to me looks like something straight out of Myst. Afterwards, we dropped Luny and A’Boy off, Chad headed home, and Roe and I went to fetch coffee before following him there. I showed her around my house; she met Zenkat and we chatted for quite a while, but it seemed like just a few minutes.

Soon (too soon) it was time to drive Roe back into the city. Chad had friends coming over, so he begged off. On the way, we picked up Luny and A’Boy again, and the four of us had dinner at Mel’s Diner before dropping Roe off. Then the Marinites made the trek back across the Golden Gate. Now that I think of it, I did a hell of a lot of driving that day, and I enjoyed every second of it because of the company it was in. I had a fantastic time meeting Roe and I can’t wait to see her again soon, maybe next time in her hometown, NYC.

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