O, how I wish I could live up to that subject. Instead, I am merely banattering on. My day was quite full with the evening shift and training not one but two new employees. Good thing they’re both delightful people and quick studies. Whatever piece of hardware that provides our link to the whole wide web died today, so the entire campus was without net access. This was most keenly felt by those of us who, around 6 p.m., had nothing we could do … so we straightened and rearranged the circulation desk! That was fun!

Anyway, I actually taped something tonight: the season finale of “Boston Public”. I watched it (despite numerous interruptions, another reason why I don’t like watching television, it’s harder to bookmark than a book is). I truly enjoyed it, and am now waiting for Marty to bring me his ripe bananas (doesn’t that sound naughty) so I can make him banana bread.

I had a very intense dream last night about my college boyfriend, Patrick. Usually when I dream that intensely about him, something major is shifting around in his life. I have no idea why I’m still so attuned to him; we haven’t done anything more than exchanged emails in the past several years. Regardless, I dropped him a note this morning to ask him what exploded. Heh. I hope it’s nothing bad. He’s such a good, kind person. Circumstances broke us up, and that’s something I’ll always be a little sad about, but I’m just glad we had what we did, when we did. We needed each other back then.

I suppose I am more lackadaisical than many people about the fluctuations of relationships. I wander in, wander out; others pass by, wave, hug, or then there’s more, and then they’re gone again. Maybe they’ll be back around. I don’t know. Isn’t it natural to come and go? In my dreams, I love the goodbye just as much as the hello.

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