on the road again

Chad is zonked on the couch right now, trying to catch a few minutes of sleep before he has to drive me to the terminal, where I will catch a shuttle to the airport, and then make the slow trek back east, two 2.5-hour flights spanning 2,154 miles.

I’m not even gone yet and I already miss him. In 2002, I’ve already been away from him for almost a month. It’s difficult being away from home, for me, but even more so because we are so close. I do enjoy the feeling of traveling alone, in general, but it just seems like he should be coming with me on this trip. I wish he could.

My grandmother had a neither-mild-nor-severe stroke yesterday. (She’s now conscious and interacting with family members, so it’s semi-okay.) My dad called to tell me while I was having sushi with Lily and her daughter. I didn’t know how to react; my first thought was for my father’s health and how he’s taking the news, but he seemed fine. The whole situation was strange, and in retrospect I suppose I have been waiting for this call for a year or so now. My dad isn’t up to long car trips yet, but my uncles are with my grandmother so at least she is not enduring this alone. I’ll be with my dad in about 12 hours, and then I’ll be able to be useful, provide support, cook and clean, run errands, just do something aside from feeling helpless half a world away.

In the midst of all this emotional upheaval, a marvelous thing happened to me this morning. My longest-known online friend asked me to perform his wedding ceremony this summer. We met over ten years ago, and now he’s getting married to a terrific woman, also an online friend of mine. If I keep this up, I’ll have to open my own wedding business!

Have a great week, my LJ peeps, if I don’t check in before Monday the 6th. I’m committed to taking pictures this trip, no matter what, so here goes. On the road again …

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