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I didn’t expect such an amazing welcome-back, but it worked. Here I am again. This is so much easier, especially since I’m using iJournal to update, which automagically queries iTunes for what music I’m listening to right this moment. (It does other neat stuff, but that part still amuses and amazes me.) I have my They Might Be Giants playlist on shuffle, which just cracks me up because between songs there will be little five-second interludes from “Fingertips” on the Apollo 18 album. I love TMBG.

Yesterday was a terrific session of Lorin, our D&D campaign. Before everyone arrived, Chad and I had did some “whirlwind cleaning” as I like to call it. It’s not that our place ever gets icky, but it does get untidy. I personally think there must be enough new technology in the world that they can solve the sweeping problem. I hate sweeping. It’s so inexact and boring. Can’t we make self-sweeping floor coverings already?

In mere days I head to San Diego to perform Colleen and David’s wedding. Then I’m back here for five days before heading to Pennsylvania to spend a week with my dad as he rehabilitates from his heart surgery last Tuesday. I spoke with him this morning; he’s already discharged and resting at home, which is quite comforting to both of us. I’m going to bring some of my favorite books to read to him from, and I’ll be in charge of errand-running and cleaning while I’m there so my stepmom won’t be so overworked.

And now I have a bajillion things to catch up on: email, banking, writing, more laundry (always more laundry), and maybe even some lunch. Maybe even some kettle corn! It’s a good day.

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