what the hell

Isn’t it just like technology to keel over right when I have a billion and a half things to post?

Yes. Yes, it is. What the hell?

I talked to my dad today. He is on the mend. The surgery went well. (It was an aortic valve replacement, for those of you interested in the details.) While they were in there, they decided to do a triple-bypass, which wasn’t bad enough that it would warrant a surgery all itself (themselves?) but what the hell?

Monday night was the night before Dad’s surgery. I had a great conversation with him, and as soon as we hung up I burst into painful tears. The tears lasted maybe a minute, then I stood up, told Chad, “I’m all right,” and walked into the kitchen. I opened a bottle of merlot and poured myself a glass. I drank it. I drank another. About this time, Chad suggested going to Safeway for some groceries.

Say it with me now: what the hell? He drove, of course.

I recommend Safeway with a mild buzz. It’s just surreal enough to make grocery shopping that twisted kind of fun. I also recommend Safeway with a mild buzz when you have to pee. Keeps things interesting. Kind of like sudden death overtime, only wetter.

The best part of Safeway was the Pomeranian puppy, perfectly perched in the helm of a shopping buggy that passed me by as I was giggling like a dork about something entirely unrelated. The Pomeranian and I did one of those slow-mo drive-by things, looking straight into each other’s eyes, each confused by the other’s existence. I then, as they say, lost it. I was in such painful, hysterical laughter that I had to stop mid-aisle and clamp my knees together and just … shake.

My recommendation earlier is qualified: I don’t recommend self-medicating with alcohol. I really don’t. I consider Monday night to be a serious exception in a lifetime full of harmless, occasional social drinking and no other mind-altering vices other than sleep deprivation.

O, and new wave music. Yeah, baby. New Wave City happened on Saturday night. Those of you perplexed by the cam shot that was up for a while are now unperplexed! That’s me and Lily, being Siouxsie. What fun! Isn’t Lily talented? I sure couldn’t make myself look that punk.

What the hell?

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