giving up on guffman

The play is off. After another round of political shenanigans ó which no self-respecting theatre company can do without ó yet another actor quit the show, and the remaining cast decided to put this to bed. I’m glad, yet terribly disappointed: glad because now I can visit my father sooner rather than later, and disappointed because this was to be not only my return to theatre, but my first performance alongside Chad.

After the “funeral” a few of us went to IHOP for a proper wake, in which we laughed quite a bit at the little baby-steps of bonding that had already occurred. We named the endeavour “Giving Up on Guffman”. I won’t give up on theatre; I couldn’t, even if I tried. But sometimes I wonder if it’s at all worth it.

My dad is doing very well. The catheterization was this morning, and went smoothly. Surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday morning. I will visit at the end of the month, while he is rehabbing and after other relatives have already visited, so as to lessen the potential stress. Thank you, so much, for your outpouring of well-wishes and prayers. I appreciate all of it, even if I have no energy or time to thank each person individually as I would like.

I can’t believe that I leave for San Diego to perform Colleen and David’s wedding in less than two weeks! Today I bought my dress. I hope it doesn’t need too much alteration. Want a peek? The wedding colors are silver and burgundy, and since the bridesmaids will be in burgundy, I went with silver.

Now to find the shoes. Ugh.

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