delicate understatements

Lately, it seems like I’m hoarding all the words about my life, instead of sharing them here, with you. Isn’t that a little sad? Maybe I should share more often. I will say one thing: clown-nose therapy, even sans nose, works. z0wrkr0wt thankz u!

Last weekend was really nice. I flew in to San Diego around lunchtime on Saturday. David and Colleen picked me up at the airport and we went to lunch. Afterwards, we went back to their apartment and worked on the ceremony quite a bit. Before dinner, Colleen and I went to the hotel where her mom was staying and picked her up. Colleen’s mom is wonderful, a terribly bright and charming woman teacher-person. We talked and laughed and had some red wine and then an excellent homemade lasagne dinner. I crashed soon after that, a much-needed sleep. Sunday, David and Colleen showed me the wedding site, which is just gorgeous, as I expected from the pictures I’ve seen. After that, they drove me to the airport again as it was already time to go.

Work has been a bit trying over the past week. That’s actually the most delicate of understatements, but my silly little sense of ethics doesn’t allow me to get into details here.

Chad and I are venturing to Monterey this weekend to visit our friend Gina (and all the wondrous creatures in the Monterey Bay Aquarium). I’m looking forward to whatever mischief we can get into down there.

O, and Chad chopped most of his hair off. His gorgeous, silky, mid-back-length hair. I’m not bitter, nooooo. (It does look good, but don’t tell him I told you.)

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