not jinxing anything

After work on Friday, I decided it was time. I had to make The Big Switch. I had to go from bank to credit union, and I had to do it Friday. I’m still not sure why it was crucial that I get this done yesterday, but I went with this newfound motivation and right after work I fumbled my way into the branch in my town and opened up a savings and a checking account. My new check card is on its way, as well as my new checks; the latter have sea creatures on them, since I splurged for designed ones instead of the plain ones I usually get.

Riding the crest of the wave of motivation, I stopped at my old bank next to deposit one last check, covering expenses until I can use my new account. Then it was off to Target, for the Necessaries: shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant. For as femme as I can be sometimes, I’ve never gotten into expensive personal care products. All four items I bought today were Suave brand, from 99 cents to just under $2 a bottle. I’m sure someone will be good enough to lecture me on the evils of cheap soap, so go for it. Maybe I’ll learn something.

My Apple iPhoto book arrived, to my delight. It turned out so well! I plan to do this with all my digital photographs from special events. It’s a good thing, too, because I have Colleen and David’s wedding next month, plus Lily and I are planning a very special party … but I won’t get into the details here yet. There’s so much to do!

Chad got home from work and was soon off again to his coworker’s house for poker. I had a small internal debate about whether to stay home or go out, but that was soon decided when Lily got online and we started talking about seeing “Gosford Park”. Plans were whipped up, and about an hour later I met her, G and Taylor at the mall. We had dinner together, which was fun. Taylor is so bright and animated, and I enjoyed talking and joking with her. I also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with G a bit. Spending time with Lily was, as always, a treat for me. I’m desperate not to jinx anything so I find myself writing not many details about her here. It’s also a unique experience since I read her journal and she mine; there’s editing going on no matter how much either of us divulges.

After dinner, the four of us bought our movie tickets, had tasty beverages, then split up: G and Taylor went to see “Big Fat Liar” while Lily and I went to see “Gosford Park”. The movie is terribly well-written and elegant in its execution. To say each actor gave a fine performance would not be entirely accurate, however; I never have anything good to say about Ryan Phillippe, who seems to be cast in these “sexy young guy” roles when he has the look of a particularly ennui-ridden flounder about him. Even with the Phillippe Handicap, the cast on average was nothing short of stunning. Maggie Smith and Richard E. Grant can do no wrong, in my book, and there was even a brilliant cameo by Stephen Fry. I appreciate its Oscar nominations now.

The movie that G and Taylor had gone to see was much shorter than ours, so I drove Lily home. I thought about friendship, and I thought about missing Lara, who has been my friend for the better part of a decade now. In college, there would be late-night coffee runs, spur of the moment road trips, and the sense of always having a safe place just down the hall in her dorm room. Nowadays, we live so far apart, but it’s never hard for me to visualize that safe place wherever she is, and make it close to wherever I am. Even if I can’t be there physically, I am there in spirit. That stands for a lot, with me. I need friends face-to-face, and I need them faraway, too. Both are important, although I am running out of how to tell you why.

… no. Rather, less jinxing, more sleeping.

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