a windy city

These entries aren’t going to be interesting without photos, and no photos will appear until I get back. So, blah. I actually forgot to take a very important photo today: one of my friend Adam. We’ve known each other for 15 years. That’s over half my life. We went to the Apple store today, waythefuckout in the ‘burbs, and had a wonderful time.

Last night I had dinner with a friend of mine from high school, the first one I’ve met up with in person since I graduated. I have a lot to say about my high school experience, and nothing at all. It was not a good time in my life, and during my senior year I drifted from the friends I had had during the first three years, including the woman I had dinner with last night. So it was a strange reunion, although an important one. I have to connect these selves somehow.

In just a few minutes, I’ll meet Jason for the first time in person. Another self – the online one – to connect.

The best part of this leg of my journey has been all the time spent with Mooms. She has her own domain now, you know! I saw her amazing performance in “The Vagina Monologues” last Sunday, and we got to see “The Fellowship of the Ring” together. It’s just been wonderful to sit and chat, with no agenda at all.

I miss my parents so much when I’m in San Francisco, and when I’m here, I miss Chad desperately.

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